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Parchment RP: A New Harry Potter Experience

Parchment RP
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Yes, another Harry Potter role-playing game.

With a twist : It takes place in modern day, making Harry twenty-three, and all the other characters a tad older than JK left them.

The character's recent history is up to you, the character's job and lifestyle is left up to you also. But, as all roleplays, there are rules.

+Major Characters - (this applies to characters such as Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Draco, etc.) You must post at least once a week, and it is recommended that you have an AIM screen name to interact with the other players. After two weeks, an e-mail will be sent warning you of your inactiveness. A week later, you will be expelled from the community.
Minor Characters - You must post at least once every two weeks. AIM is also recommended. After three weeks of no word, an e-mail will be sent. After that e-mail you have a week to update and roleplay, after that you are gone.
Slash is highly encouraged. Bothering another player to get into their character's pants is not.
It goes without saying that this won't be tolerated; you fight, you're out.
Complaint Department
In order to avoid conflict, it's asked of you to report to me, your moderator, of any problems you are having with current users.

The Game
As said before, the game takes place in the year 2003, and a lot of the plot hasn't been decided. In-character posts are to be put in parchmentrp and out-of-character posts in knutela_express.
This is also a first person roleplay. Third-person posts should be put into parchmentrp.

How do you join?
E-mail the following application to parchmentrp@aol.com :

Character you're asking to play:
Character's Age:
Brief Character Description:
Brief Character History:
Character's Sexuality:
Character's LJ Handle (if you already have one):
Your LJ Handle:
Why you chose this roleplay (this doesn't have to be much):
Do you have any problem with slash themes?
If you have one picked already, who do you plan on using as the character's play by*?
Anything else you want me to know and a sample entry, no less than a hundred words.

*Person you use in the icons.
**Remember that this is after Hogwarts, and the characters are all grown up.

Character (alphabetical order)LiveJournal usernameAIM handle
Mandy Brocklehurst sweetasmandy Fille de Vallee
Millicent Bulstrode millicentdragon Rainbow78CeNedra
Tracey Davis still_slytherin athursdaymorning
Fleur Delacour missdelacour TheMissDelacour
Hermione Granger hermy_granger Akira51787
Neville Longbottom. sissy_boy Kitsunev
Luna Lovegood darkest_nargle D e v i l z z z
Draco Malfoy seekingdragon Agent Lly
Pansy Parkinson housewifepansy poison FET1SH
Harry Potter potted Ovsienko123
Zacharia Smith stick_this TimidRyoga
Fred Weasley inkjunkiefred LxsMaria
Ginny Weasley ginnysnaps VioletBaudelaire
Ronald Weasley why_spiders ButtahMellow10
Blaise Zabini (Female) smokeyblaise cheshirekitcat7

Any further questions you can contact me at Agent Lly on AIM. My personal LJ is numberthree